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Organised by NSU for the participants

The buses will depart from Tallinn (address: Mere puiestee 5, in front of Vene kultuurikeskus) on 28th of July in the afternoon and evening at 3 and 6 PM.

It takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes from Tallinn to Roosta.

If you are arriving later than 18:00 in the evening, please contact ARRKOM so that we can arrange a transfer for you.

How to reach the departure point

 From the airport: take tram nr 4 (direction Tondi) to Hobujaama station, walk to Mere puiestee (google maps view)

From Tallinn Coach station, take tram nr 2 (direction Kopli) or 4 (Tondi) to Hobujaama stop, walk to Mere puiestee (google maps view)

From the railway station (Balti jaam) take tram nr 1 (direction Kadriorg) or nr 2 (direction Ülemiste), the tram stop „Mere puiestee“ it at the meeting point.

From the ferry terminal A and B it is best to walk: google maps view

From the ferry termina D it is best to walk: google maps view

Public transportation to Roosta

Bus connection Tallinn-Haapsalu-Elbiku (schedule for Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of July):

Option nr 1: Bus nr 734 (Tallinn-Haapsalu, company GoBus) departs from Tallinn coach station (Lastekodu 46, Tallinn) at 9.20 – arrives at Uuemõisa bus stop at 10.52. Bus nr 28 (Haapsalu-Dirhami) departs from Uuemõisa bus stop at 11.07 and arrives to Elbiku at 11.41.

Option nr 2: Bus nr 862 (Tallinn-Haapsalu, company GoBus) departs from Tallinn coach station (Lastekodu 46, Tallinn) at 12.50 – arrives at Haapsalu bus station at 14.35. Bus nr 15 (Haapsalu-Dirhami-Nõva-Variku) departs from Haapsalu bus station at 14.50 and arrives to Elbiku at 15.31.

Option nr 3: Bus nr 863 (Tallinn-Haapsalu, company GoBus) depart from Tallinn coach station (Lastekodu 46, Tallinn) at 14.15 and arrives at Haapsalu bus station at 16.00. Bus nr 28 (Haapsalu-Dirhami) departs from Haapsalu bus station at 16.10 and arrives to Elbiku at 16.51.

All Tallinn-Haapsalu buses depart from Tallinn coach station (Tallinna bussijaam, Lastekodu 46, Tallinn). The bus also stops at different places in Haapsalu before arriving in the Haapsalu bus station (Haapsalu bussijaam, Raudtee 2, Haapsalu). Local buses depart from Haapsalu bus station. There are other departures available from Tallinn to Haapsalu, but only a three buses depart from Haapsalu to Elbiku. Intercity bus timetables are available online:

Tickets can be purchased online or at the Tallinn Coach Station. Different companies can have different prices, but ride to Haapsalu is approximately 5 to 9 euros.

However, when in need, you can take a taxi from Haapsalu to Roosta holiday village. It will be a cost, since the drive is 35 km and the taxi will then probably charge you two ways.

Taxi numbers in Haapsalu:

1700, 1300 or 1200.



Transportation for NSU participants

The buses will depart from Roosta holiday village on 4th of August at 8 AM and 12 PM. It takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes to get from Roosta to Tallinn.

The drop off point in Tallinn city center will be at Mere puiestee 5 (in front of Vene Kultuurikeskus). From there you can take a tram nr 4 to Tallinn Coach Station and Tallinn Airport (departs from Hobujaama station) or walk to the ferries (about a 15 minute walk to terminal A/B or D). Or take tram nr 2 and 1 (direction Kopli) to reach the railway station (Balti jaam).

By public transportation 

Depending on the day that you have to leave, you can check the daily departures of buses to Haapsalu. Buses to Tallinn depart from Haapsalu almost every hour (the last bus to Tallinn leaves at 20.50). Check tpilet for exact departure times.

Pay attention that at weekends the buses to and from Tallinn can be full, so it is best to book your ticket in advance (you can do that online at tpilet website).

If you need to go to Haapsalu during the summer sessioon, please be aware that there are only few buses going every day from Elbiku to Haapsalu and back. Buses to Haapsalu depart from Elbiku bus stop which is at 10 minute walking distance from the Roosta holiday village main building.

From Elbiku to Haapsalu bus station

Bus nr 15:

8.45 (only on Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat). Arrives at Haapsalu bus station at 9.25.

Bus nr 28:

11.56 (every day) Arrives at Haapsalu bus station at 12.36.

17.06 (every day). Arrives at Haapsalu bus station at 17.46.

Haapsalu bus station to Elbiku

Bus nr 15:

12.00 (only on Tue). Arrives in Elbiku at 12.41.

14.50 (only on Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun). Arrives in Elbiku at 15.31.

Bus nr 28:

11.00 (every day) Arrives in Elbiku at 11.41.

16.10 (every day). Arrives in Elbiku at 16.51.

Bus nr 15 and 28 are free of charge, but you need to check in with the driver.

All timetables and routes for the Lääne 
county (Läänemaa) regional buses can be found online: here

(timetables > county lines > Läänemaa). You can also use the route search: here

Tickets for the shuttle buses can be bought in advance via our web shop


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