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How to prepare

ARRKOM PHONE NUMBER: 00372 5350 9934

Please use this in case you cannot find people in the venue or if there is an emergency. Also, please ask the reception for more toilet paper, towerls if needed, and other practical matters concerning the houses. 


Would you like to become a delegate?

If you would like to contribute to NSU as a representative of your region, then you should join the regional meetings this afternoon. The meetings will take place between 17:00-18:00 and there will be one separate meeting for each region. The Danish region will meet in the Kaminsaal, the Swedish region will meet in the Valge saal, the Finnish region will meet in Runö, the Norwegian region will meet in Piljard, the Icelandic region will meet in Sauna Fuajee, the Baltic region will meet in Ragö and the Internationals will meet at in Ormsö. You can find the rooms from the location map provided by the reception. During these meetings we will discuss plans for the future of the NSU, and elect the delegates and members of the Nomination Committee. As a delegate you are eligible to vote in the General Assembly which is the highest part of NSU.

Workshop for new and old member of the NSU

If you are not familiar with how the General Assembly works, or if you are just curious to learn more about NSU as a whole, there will be a workshop tonight that everyone is welcome to join in – both new and old members.

Between 19:30-20:30 there will be a workshop in the bar and dining area for newcomers to NSU to explain how the General Assembly works. Since the General Assembly is one of the most important functions of NSU, it is important that everyone has the chance to learn about its role. The workshop will also be a chance for people to ask questions about NSU.

What to take with you:

  • Comfortable clothes for the week. Pay attention that the summer in Estonia can be both hot and sunny as well as cold and rainy, so check the weather forecast and bring suitable gear.

  • Your personal hygiene products

  • Medicine. There is no apothecary in Roosta, so bring what you need (prescription medicine, allergy or painrelief, band aid for minor scratches etc). There is a first aid kit at the administrators desk.

  • Laptop, pen, paper etc. for the study circles. There is free wifi at the holiday village. 

  • Musical instrument 

  • Swimming clothes, as Roosta holiday village has a nice sandy beach

  • Mosquito and tick repellent 

  • The event is fully catered, the holilday village also has a restaurant, a bar. However, there is no supermarket nearby, so if you wish to enjoy some special food, snacks or drinks, you have to bring them with you

  • If you wish to take part in any extra activities that the holiday village offers (surfing, climbing etc), don’t forget to bring training clothes/shoes

For the excursion day

  • Suitable clothes and walking shoes for the excursion day, especially if you are going to attend the Osmussaare island hiking trip (the island is rocky and windy). The Osmussaare trip includes a boat ride.

  • Comfortable daytrip bag (backpack) to carry your water bottle, sunscreen etc

  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, a raincoat

  • Water bottle

  • Band aid, allergy relief

If you wish to bring a pet please notify us. Pets are welcome for a fee: it is 20 euros per night. Pets are not allowed to roam around freely and they are not welcome in the communal buildings. You need to take your own pet food. You can read more about it here.

Services and facilities

The cottages of Roosta holiday village are well equipped for a nice and comfortable stay. Depending on your booking, the facilities may vary. 
In the main building there is a restaurant and a bar. At the administrators desk, you can buy some snacks, drinks, ice cream etc.
Roosta holiday village offers a range of activities (surfing, adventure park etc) that you can book on site and enjoy for an extra fee. Don’t forget to take a suitable outfit for practicing! There is also a field for table tennis, basket ball, volleyball, children’s playground

Other servicies in the area:
Nearest village shop is in Dirhami village 6,6 km away (google maps view

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